NFL Concussion Lawsuits

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NFL to Launch $100 Million Concussion Initiative

The NFL is launching a $100 million concussion initiative in the hopes of improving player safety. $60 million will go towards technological development, in part to try and improve helmets for players while the other $40 million will go to funding medical research on the effects of head injuries.... click to read more

Potential for One More Appeal in NFL Concussion Case

In the latest NFL concussion news, lawyers representing the estate of former Denver Bronco running back Cookie Gilchrist have petitioned the Supreme Court to hear the appeal of the NFL Concussion Settlement Agreement. This is the last chance to appeal for those who oppose the current settlement agreement. Gilchrist’s... click to read more

Appellate Court Refuses to Hear Further Arguments

Since the Third Circuit Court of Appeals refused to hear further arguments for altering the NFL Concussion Settlement Agreement, the only avenue left for players to challenge the agreement is the Supreme Court. While it is unlikely that the country’s highest court will agree to hear the case, former... click to read more

Appellate Court Approves NFL Concussion Settlement

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the district court’s order approving the NFL Concussion Settlement Agreement. While those challenging the agreement are displeased with today’s ruling, proponents of the agreement consider it a step in the right direction in getting much needed financial awards for retired players and... click to read more

Appeals Court Upholds $1 Billion NFL Concussion Settlement

The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit upheld Federal District Court Judge Anita Brody’s Order approving the NFL Concussion Settlement. The appellate judges found the settlement “fair” and reasoned that it was “for the greater good of all players.” The three-judge panel sided with Judge Brody... click to read more

Scientists Reveal Strong Link Between Football and Brain Trauma

Dr. Frank Conidi, director of the Florida Center for Headache and Sports Neurology, recently presented a study at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting in Vancouver that reported some alarming results. Studying images from sophisticated MRI machines, Conidi analyzed the brains of 40 living former NFL players. What... click to read more

NFL Retirement Plan Denies Former Player Disability Benefits

With billions of dollars in annual revenues, why is the NFL seemingly “nickel and diming” its former players when they apply for disability benefits? 12-year NFL cornerback Charles Dimry is suing the NFL’s retirement plan for denying him disability benefits. Dimry says he suffered two major neck injuries while... click to read more

NFL Taking Page from Big Tobacco Playbook?

An investigatory report published by the New York Times shreds the legitimacy of research papers produced by an NFL committee which downplayed the danger of head injuries. While the report chronicles the league’s use of faulty data in its reports (for example, the Dallas Cowboys didn’t report one concussion... click to read more

NFL’s Flawed Concussion Research

An investigative report done by the New York Times revealed the National Football League’s concussion research was far more flawed than was previously known and that a long relationship existed between the league and Big Tobacco. The report focuses on research done by a committee formed by the NFL... click to read more

Questioning the NFL CTE Admission

The NFL has spent decades trying to discredit evidence that showed a link between playing football and the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy, also known as CTE. After years of denial, and untold millions of dollars in marketing to promote the safety of the game to parents of... click to read more