California Catholic Church Settlement Fund Created

Six California Catholic Diocese including: Diocese of Fresno, Diocese of Orange, Diocese of Sacramento, Diocese of San Bernardino, Diocese of San Diego, and Los Angeles Archdiocese have recently unveiled a new sexual abuse settlement program for victims of childhood priest molestation in the Catholic Church. Details of the California... click to read more

Accused Priest List Released by Archdioceses of Burlington (Vermont)

In August of 2019, Bishop Christopher Coyne, head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, released a list of 40 priests accused of child sexual abuse. The abuse allegations were deemed credible by a committee appointed by Bishop Coyne, which consisted of seven lay members, four men and three... click to read more

Other States Offer Glimpse of Ways NY’s Abuse Cases Could Play Out

In August 2019, New York legislature enacted a new law that gave survivors of childhood sexual abuse a one-year window to file a lawsuit against their abusers. Already, over 500 cases have been filed with the state and experts estimate that thousands of lawsuits are on the way. Advocates,... click to read more

Catholic Priest Guilty of Sex Abuse in Washington, DC

The Rev. Urbano Vazquez, a Catholic priest from Shrine of the Sacred Heart Parish in Northwest Washington, D.C. has been convicted of four counts of child sexual abuse against two children. The abuse was committed from 2015-2017 and Father Vazquez was arrested in November 2018. He was on a... click to read more

Woman Sues Megachurch for $1 Million for Mishandling Her Sex Abuse Case

In recent news, an 18-year-old-woman has hired a sexual abuse lawyer and is suing The Village Church (TVC) in Texas for more than $1 million dollars. According to the lawsuit filing, the plaintiff was allegedly 11 years old when she was sexually molested by TVC employee Matthew Tonne while... click to read more

Survivors of child sexual abuse gear up to file lawsuits against their abusers in New York

As of August 14, 2019 New York survivors of childhood sexual abuse will be given a one-year window to file a lawsuit against their abusers under the new Child Victims Act passed by NY legislature earlier this year. Thousands of cases are expected to be filed with payout estimates... click to read more

Catholic Church in N.H. Publishes Names of Priests Accused of Sex Abuse of Minors

The Catholic Diocese of Manchester, NH has created a website that shows a comprehensive list of priests that have been accused of Catholic Church sexual abuse. The website includes the names of priests both living and deceased dating back to incidents that occurred in the 1950s. As of August... click to read more

AHF Calls on Gilead to Set Up $10 Billion Fund for Victims Harmed by its TDF-based Drugs

As pressure continues to mount on Gilead Sciences Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of HIV/AIDS drugs, from withholding improved HIV drugs from the public to increase profits, another foundation is taking the podium. AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is calling on Gilead to set up a $10 billion compensation... click to read more

Catholic Church Offers Cash to Settle Abuse Claims – With a Catch

In an effort to cut the total number and size of payouts made by the Catholic Church to its sexual abuse victims, and to hide key documents from the public, the Diocese of Scranton, PA and other dioceses in the US are offering child sexual abuse victims’ closed-door settlements.... click to read more

The Biggest Deterrent to Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Recent studies have shown that only about 34% of child-sexual-abuse victims in the United States tell authorities of their abuse before adulthood. Another 33% do tell authorities of their abuse, but far later in life with the median age being 52. And unfortunately, the final 33% never reveal their... click to read more

Minnesota Catholic Diocese to Pay $34m to Victims of Clergy Abuse

The Diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota has agreed on a settlement to pay $34 million to at least 93 victims of sexual abuse. In conjunction with the monetary compensation for the sexually abused victims, the settlement was designed to advance the ‘children protection movement’ and to prevent sexual predators,... click to read more

Providence Diocese Lists Priests Accused of Sexually Abusing Children

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, RI has recently released the names of 50 priests and deacons who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing children dating back to 1950. In the posting on their website, the diocese indicates that 19 of the 50 names are priests and deacons... click to read more

Group releases names of 109 clerics accused of sexual abuse in Diocese of Phoenix

The Catholic Church sexual abuse epidemic continues as the names of more than 100 clerics accused of abuse in the Phoenix Diocese were recently released to the public. According to the report filed, more than 50 of the names released have already passed away and another 25 priests’ whereabouts... click to read more

Superior Court reinstates priest molestation lawsuit filed against Altoona-Johnstown Diocese

A Pennsylvania Superior Court has recently reinstated an important lawsuit against the Catholic Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, PA. The lawsuit claims that a woman was repeatedly molested by a pedophile priest in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The case was originally dismissed in December 2017 by a Blair County, PA Common... click to read more

The Catholic Church is Not Alone

Nearly 20 years ago, The Boston Globe lifted the curtain on the Boston Archdiocese exposing their coordinated plan to help pedophile priests avoid detection from the public and the law. Sickening and self-serving, their plan allowed those same priests and clergy to continually sexually abuse hundreds of children in... click to read more

Gilead tries—and fails—to dodge lawsuit claiming it delayed safer HIV meds

After years of allegations directed towards Gilead Sciences regarding their decision to hold back the release of improved next-gen HIV drugs in order to maximize profits from their older generation drugs, a federal judge has finally allowed a key lawsuit to proceed. 140 patients in 31 states have claimed... click to read more

The Southern Baptist Convention must enact tough reform on its sexual abuse crisis

With 15 million members and more than 47,000 churches, Baptists make up the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. And ten years ago, Southern Baptists cried out to denominational leaders to create a registry of sexual abusers within the church. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) did not listen. Instead, they insisted... click to read more

Woman can sue Catholic Church in Pa. over alleged priest abuse 40 years ago, court says

With an important victory for sexual abuse victims, a Pennsylvania court has recently ruled that a woman can pursue her lawsuit claiming clergy in the Altoona-Johnstown, PA Roman Catholic Diocese covered up her alleged molestation by a priest. The lawsuit was initially dismissed by a county judge in 2017... click to read more

Police seized 57 items from Saginaw Diocese during raid, including ‘victim list’

Police in Saginaw, MI recently executed search warrants on three Catholic Diocese properties while investigating claims of sexual abuse done to minors by clergy. Public documents show that police seized nearly 60 items of evidence including what was found in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet at the... click to read more

The U.S. Catholic Church spent more than $300M on abuse-related costs in 12 months

According to a recent report released by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, from June 2017 to June 2018 the U.S. Catholic Church spent a whopping $301.6 million on clergy sexual abuse costs. Two-thirds of the clergy sexual abuse costs, or nearly $200 million, were spent on legal settlements.... click to read more