Massachusetts Unlawful Tree Cutting Lawyer

In Massachusetts, if someone has illegally removed trees from your property, they may be liable to you for treble (triple) damages. If a neighbor or other party illegally cut your trees, contacting a Massachusetts’ unlawful tree cutting attorney is the first step to potentially receiving compensation for your lost trees. Massachusetts law specifically provides for up to triple damages for the malicious cutting of another person’s trees. Do not wait; your time to file a claim may be limited. Call our offices today.

Massachusetts Illegal Tree Cutting Law

massachusetts unlawful tree cuttingThe amount of damages that can be recovered by a property owner for unlawful tree cutting is governed by Massachusetts General Laws chapter 242, section 7 . The law essentially states that if someone were to trespass onto your property and illegally cut trees, they could be liable to you for three times the assessed value of the trees. However, if the party performing the illegal tree cutting had good reason to believe he was not trespassing or was authorized to remove the trees, then that party would only be liable for single damages.

Unlawful Tree Removal

It might sound like plain common sense, but making sure the trees you plan to remove from your property are in fact your trees could save you a lot of time and money. Illegally cutting someone else’s tree, even by accident, could be costly. Some types of tree removal could include:

  • Chemical killing
  • Clear cutting
  • General trimming/neighbor damage
  • Girdling

Potential Damages for Illegal Tree Cutting

Over the years, courts have accepted various measures of damages for claims brought under the Massachusetts illegal tree cutting law. The typical measures of damages used by the courts include the diminution of the value of the property where the trees were cut, the value of the timber cut, or the restoration cost of the tree. No matter what type of measure is used to calculate damages, in illegal tree cutting claims it is usually beneficial to engage the services of an expert. A certified arborist will perform a detailed analysis of the trees cut and will be able to monetize the value of the lost trees. While trees certainly have a sentimental value, being able to provide a precise dollar figure for damages will be an important part of an illegal tree cutting claim.

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Need A Massachusetts Unlawful Tree Cutting Lawyer?

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