NFL to Launch $100 Million Concussion Initiative

The NFL is launching a $100 million concussion initiative in the hopes of improving player safety. $60 million will go towards technological development, in part to try and improve helmets for players while the other $40 million will go to funding medical research on the effects of head injuries. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he thinks the new initiative will help make the game safer for the players. While Goodell says he knows there will be a degree of skepticism concerning the league’s efforts related to head injuries, he hopes that sharing the results of the initiative’s research with the public will show that the NFL is committed to player safety.

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Potential for One More Appeal in NFL Concussion Case

In the latest NFL concussion news, lawyers representing the estate of former Denver Bronco running back Cookie Gilchrist have petitioned the Supreme Court to hear the appeal of the NFL Concussion Settlement Agreement. This is the last chance to appeal for those who oppose the current settlement agreement. Gilchrist’s lawyers say the categories of retired players in the settlement are insufficient and that some players were not properly represented due to “inadequate discovery.” Even though August 30th was the deadline for asking the Supreme Court to hear the case, lawyers for two other groups of retired players were given an extension until September 19th to file an appeal. While there is only a small chance that the Supreme Court will agree to hear the appeal, no benefits can be distributed until all appeals are exhausted.

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