NFL Taking Page from Big Tobacco Playbook?

An investigatory report published by the New York Times shreds the legitimacy of research papers produced by an NFL committee which downplayed the danger of head injuries. While the report chronicles the league’s use of faulty data in its reports (for example, the Dallas Cowboys didn’t report one concussion... click to read more

NFL’s Flawed Concussion Research

An investigative report done by the New York Times revealed the National Football League’s concussion research was far more flawed than was previously known and that a long relationship existed between the league and Big Tobacco. The report focuses on research done by a committee formed by the NFL... click to read more

Questioning the NFL CTE Admission

The NFL has spent decades trying to discredit evidence that showed a link between playing football and the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy, also known as CTE. After years of denial, and untold millions of dollars in marketing to promote the safety of the game to parents of... click to read more

NFL Executive Acknowledges Link to CTE

For years, the NFL has refuted evidence that there was a connection between football and the degenerative brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). However, at a recent Congressional hearing involving experts on CTE, Jeff Miller, the NFL’s senior vice president for health and safety policy, acknowledged that there is... click to read more

New Genetic Insights Into Mesothelioma

A press release issued by Brigham and Women’s Hospital stated that a study done by physician-researchers from the International Mesothelioma Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in collaboration with colleagues from Genentech, provides new genetic insights into diagnosing and treating patients with mesothelioma. Studies of other cancers have... click to read more

Troubling Allegations in Risperdal Trial

The most troubling aspect of a recent case decided against Johnson & Johnson (J&J) concerning its antipsychotic drug Risperdal is the allegation that the company deliberately withheld data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. An expert witness testified that J&J knew about the risk of gynecomastia associated with... click to read more

Jury Awards $2.5 Million in Risperdal Trial

The Wall Street Journal reported that a Philadelphia jury held Johnson & Johnson (J&J) liable for failing to warn that its antipsychotic drug Risperdal could cause gynecomastia and ordered the company to pay $2.5 million in damages. The family of an autistic boy who took Risperdal between 2002 and... click to read more