Other States Offer Glimpse of Ways NY’s Abuse Cases Could Play Out

In August 2019, New York legislature enacted a new law that gave survivors of childhood sexual abuse a one-year window to file a lawsuit against their abusers. Already, over 500 cases have been filed with the state and experts estimate that thousands of lawsuits are on the way. Advocates, including attorneys, for the victims believe that justice is needed in the form of being heard by the public, recognition of the abuse, and financial compensation. Melissa Breger, a professor at the Albany (NY) Law School, agrees, “I think for a lot of these folks, it’s validation that, ‘Yes, what happened to me was wrong and the fact that I was a child and could not do anything about it is being understood now and I can now seek redress as an adult.” Ms. Breger also previously worked with domestic violence victims and victims of childhood abuse.

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Catholic Priest Guilty of Sex Abuse in Washington, DC

The Rev. Urbano Vazquez, a Catholic priest from Shrine of the Sacred Heart Parish in Northwest Washington, D.C. has been convicted of four counts of child sexual abuse against two children. The abuse was committed from 2015-2017 and Father Vazquez was arrested in November 2018. He was on a list of Catholic priests credibly accused of priest molestation against children which was released shortly before his arrest in late 2018.

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