National Meat and Provisions Recalls Beef and Veal Products in Louisiana Due to Possible E. coli Contamination

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Services (FSIS) announced that National Meat and Provisions issued a Class I recall of approximately 2,349 pounds of beef and veal products that may be contaminated with E. coli O26. According to the USDA Recall Classifications, a Class I recall is a “health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.”

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Supreme Court Asked to Reject NFL Concussion Settlement

Now a second group of former NFL players have petitioned the Supreme Court of the United States to reject the $1 billion settlement agreement reached between former players and the NFL. The most recent group of players to petition the Supreme Court argue that the agreement treats current brain injuries differently than future injuries and is unfair to those who may be diagnosed with CTE in the future. Proponents of the settlement agreement have been given until November to file an opposition to the petition, meaning the justices may not make a decision until late this year. Unfortunately this means that any disbursements from the settlement agreement will be delayed until all appeals are exhausted.

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