Brentwood California Police Department Settles Sexual Assault Lawsuit for $1 Million

In May 2019, a sexual assault lawsuit was filed against a former Brentwood police officer. The claim alleged that the victim was raped by her superior officer in September 2017 at a Reno hotel during a conference they were attending for police training. In November 2017 the woman filed an internal claim with the Brentwood police department. However, at the time, she did not pursue criminal charges citing a ‘fear it would be too much to handle emotionally’. When the Brentwood police chief and captain were made aware, they opened a “supervisory inquiry” instead of an internal affairs investigation.

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The U.S. Catholic Church spent more than $300M on abuse-related costs in 12 months

According to a recent report released by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, from June 2017 to June 2018 the U.S. Catholic Church spent a whopping $301.6 million on clergy sexual abuse costs. Two-thirds of the clergy sexual abuse costs, or nearly $200 million, were spent on legal settlements. Additionally, the report revealed that during the same 12-month period, the Catholic Church fielded nearly 1,100 new “credible allegations” of sexual abuse committed on a minor by priests and other clergy.

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Former Players Request Rehearing on Concussion Settlement Approval

The lawyers for several retired NFL players requested the entire Third Circuit Court of Appeals rehear arguments against the NFL Concussion Settlement Agreement. Last week a three-judge panel from the Third Circuit affirmed the approval of the agreement, however this group of players is now asking that a larger group of judges hear their argument. The retired players are still concerned with how chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is treated in the Agreement and would like to the court to hear further arguments. If the court does agree to rehear arguments, it will further delay getting payments to players in need since no money can be paid out until all appeals are exhausted.

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