Maryland Statute of Limitations for Clergy Sexual Abuse Cases

How long you have to file a clergy abuse lawsuit in Maryland is a common question. For some Maryland clergy abuse survivors, it may take years, even decades, to recall the abuse since traumatic events suffered as a child are often suppressed. Even survivors who haven’t repressed those memories often still need many years to process the pain and receive treatment or counseling before they are ready to share their stories.

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Concordia Preparatory School Student Alleging Sexual Assault

A federal lawsuit filed by a former Concordia Preparatory School student contains several sexual assault allegations dating back to 2018 when she was a student. The lawsuit alleges the school looked the other way and failed to act even though the student repeatedly reported the incidents. The alleged assaults took place at the private school in Towson, MD, just north of Baltimore.

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Catholic Priest Guilty of Sex Abuse in Washington, DC

The Rev. Urbano Vazquez, a Catholic priest from Shrine of the Sacred Heart Parish in Northwest Washington, D.C. has been convicted of four counts of child sexual abuse against two children. The abuse was committed from 2015-2017 and Father Vazquez was arrested in November 2018. He was on a list of Catholic priests credibly accused of priest molestation against children which was released shortly before his arrest in late 2018.

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