Hadden Survivors Reached $235 Million Settlement with Hospitals; Still Time for Others

Posted on: May 10, 2023 Sexual Abuse & Assault Lawsuits

In 2022, both Columbia University Irving Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital reached a combined $165 million settlement with almost 150 women who were sexually abused by former OBGYN Robert Hadden. This agreement follows a $71.5 million combined settlement in 2021 between the hospitals and 79 of Hadden’s survivors. A compensation fund was established to distribute the money to survivors.

Hadden pleaded guilty to sexually abusing patients in 2016, however, he received no jail time as part of that deal. Instead, he agreed to forfeit his medical license. Earlier this year, a federal jury took less than a day to find Hadden guilty of sex trafficking. He now sits in jail while awaiting his sentencing.

While the number of abused women involved in these settlements is horrifying, survivors believe there still many more who have yet to come forward. One lawyer representing victims thinks these settlements “are just scratching the surface.” Their reasoning is that Hadden saw thousands of patients over the years, and it is likely that he also sexually abused a large percentage of them. Evelyn Yang, wife of the former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, and Marissa Hoechstetter are survivors of Hadden’s abuse. Neither of them participated in the 2021 settlement. They were concerned it was being used as a way for Columbia to protect itself and not Hadden’s victims. “We have asked repeatedly that Columbia notify the thousands of women that Hadden saw over his 20+ year tenure and likely abused. They refuse,” they said in a statement.

Victims of Robert Hadden’s abuse should take advantage of New York’s Adult Survivors Act to file a claim against Hadden and/or the hospitals who employed him. Passed into law in November 2022, the Adult Survivors Act opened a 1-year revival window for adult victims of sexual abuse. This window allows adult victims of Hadden to pursue a claim even if it is currently barred by the state’s statute of limitations. The window closes November 23, 2023, but survivors should not delay and file claims as soon as possible.

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