Victims of former OBGYN, Robert Hadden, Can Still Have Their Day in Court

Posted on: March 30, 2023 Sexual Abuse & Assault Lawsuits

In January of this year, several ex-patients testified at former Columbia University OBGYN Robert Hadden’s criminal trial where he was charged with persuading women to cross state lines for the purpose of sexually abusing them. Their stories of abuse span a 20-year period and include both adults and minors. The women shared intimate details with the court regarding the abuse they endured. One patient testified that she was pregnant when Hadden sexually abused her.

Hadden had previously pleaded guilty in 2016 in New York to state charges of sexually assaulting patients, but, in a plea deal, served no jail time and only lost his medical license.

Over 200 former patients filed civil lawsuits against Columbia University, Hadden’s employer. The university settled those lawsuits for over $230 million in total. However, this settlement was reached prior to New York’s Adult Survivors Act becoming effective in November 2022. The Adult Survivors Act opened a 1-year revival window and enables people to file civil claims for sexual abuse they suffered after they turned 18-years-old, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred.

This means patients who were sexually abused by Hadden as adults, even if that sexual abuse occurred decades ago, still have the ability to file a claim against him, and his employer. New York’s Adult Survivors Act window will close on November 23, 2023.

To clarify, any claims of sexual abuse against Dr. Hadden would need to be brought prior to this date or risk being time-barred from ever being able to file a claim.

Revival windows are critical in helping survivors of sexual abuse. Studies have shown it may take survivors years, even decades, before they are ready to come forward. Unfortunately, in many cases, by the time victims do come forward, the statute of limitations will not allow them to file a claim. Laws like New York’s Adult Survivors Act can help, as long as the claims are brought prior to the window closing.

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