Woman Sues Airbnb for 2016 Sexual Assault

In 2017, Leslie Lapayowker filed a lawsuit against Airbnb seeking to hold the company accountable for her sexual assault. The claim contends that the company was negligent in allowing her to rent a room from Carlos Del Olmo, a man who was previously accused of domestic violence.

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Airbnb Will Not Enforce Arbitration Clause

Airbnb recently announced it will no longer enforce the mandatory arbitration clause in its terms of service for claims of sexual assault and harassment. Previously, in order to register on the site, users had to agree to the terms of service which was over 40 pages long.

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Airbnb Pays Rape Victim $7 Million

Airbnb paid an Australian woman, who was raped in a property rented via the site, $7 million as a settlement. The attack occurred in 2015 on New Year’s Eve in New York City. The victim and her friends picked up the keys to the property at a bodega near the apartment. It appears as though the attacker managed to make a copy of the keys at some point and hid in bathroom while the victim was out.

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