Disgraced OBGYN Robert Hadden Convicted, Civil Remedy for Victims Still Possible

Posted on: April 12, 2023 Sexual Abuse & Assault Lawsuits

In late January of this year, a jury took less than a day to convict former Columbia University OBGYN Robert Hadden of federal sex trafficking charges. Hadden’s two-week criminal trial included testimony from nine former patients who described how the former OBGYN sexually abused them during appointments. Prosecutors said federal charges were appropriate because Hadden lured victims across state lines so he could sexually assault them. One U.S. Attorney called Hadden a “predator in a white coat.”

Hadden’s sentencing hearing will be held sometime in April. Prior to sentencing, Hadden’s attorney requested he remain free on bail. However, Judge Richard Berman ordered Hadden to spend that time in jail. Berman was already baffled as to how Hadden avoided prison time after pleading guilty in 2016 in New York to state charges of sexually assaulting patients. Then, after hearing victims’ statements during the bail hearing, Berman quickly shot down attempts by Hadden’s attorney to have him remain free. “I’m done, and you’re done,” the judge was quoted as saying. Hadden’s conviction carries the potential penalty of decades in prison.

The sexual abuse accusations against Hadden were a driving force to get the New York’s Adult Survivors Act through the legislative process and signed into law. In many cases of sexual abuse, survivors, even adult survivors, may need decades before they are emotionally prepared to confront what happened to them. Others may be afraid of retaliation from their abusers or fear being ostracized from their community. In any of these examples, waiting to come forward could cause victims to lose their right to sue. The Adult Survivors Act could be a great help to sexual abuse survivors whose claims are time-barred by the state’s statute of limitations laws. The Adult Survivors Act opened a 1-year revival window on November 24, 2022. The window gives adult sexual abuse survivors with expired claims the right to sue their abusers and any other entity who may be responsible for their sexual abuse.

Many of Hadden’s former patients had previously filed lawsuits against Columbia University which already settled for more than $230 million. The Adult Survivors Act window closes on November 23, 2023. Former patients who were sexually abused by Hadden have until that date to file a claim, or they risk losing the right to sue.

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