Attorney General’s Report Sparks Mixed Feelings in Those Who Were Sexually Abused as Children by Catholic Priests

Colorado Attorney General’s investigation into child sex abuse within the Catholic Dioceses of Colorado led to a report listing 43 priests accused of sexually abusing children. One priest in particular, Monsignor Lawrence St. Peter, is suspected to have used his access, given his high ranking, to destroy his own personnel files which likely contained a pattern of sexual abuse against minors. According to the report which cited “strong circumstantial evidence” that those who came in contact with St. Peter during his time in Denver knew of his ‘alcohol problems’ and ‘homosexuality problems’ yet there were no records reflecting those issues in the Denver Archdiocese file.

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Priest Convicted of Rape Dies in Prison

Reverend Richard McCormick, who was convicted in 2014 of raping two young boys, passed away at Bridgewater State Treatment Center. He was 79 years old. Due to privacy laws, the cause of death has not been released, but the Department of Corrections for Bridgewater State has confirmed that at least three deaths there have been linked to an outbreak of COVID-19.

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