Catholic Church in N.H. Publishes Names of Priests Accused of Sex Abuse of Minors

Posted on: August 22, 2019 Catholic Church Sexual Abuse

New Hampshire list of Priests Accused of Sex Abuse of MinorsThe Catholic Diocese of Manchester, NH has created a website that shows a comprehensive list of priests that have been accused of Catholic Church sexual abuse. The website includes the names of priests both living and deceased dating back to incidents that occurred in the 1950s.

By recognizing their local priest molestation crimes, Bishop Peter A. Libasci believes that the Catholic Diocese of Manchester, NH is taking “…ownership and accountability” for its Catholic sex abuse. He also had this to say, “It is my hope that by making this information available, we are holding ourselves accountable to the evils of the past, and offering timely assistance, support and resources to those individuals and families who have been affected by the sexual abuse of a minor.”

As of August 2019, the Catholic Diocese of Manchester, NH has paid nearly $30 million to compensate victims who filed Catholic Church lawsuits.

The entire article can be viewed here.

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