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In addition to changes in SOL laws, some states have gone a step further and created what is knowns as a ‘revival window’. These ‘windows’ give survivors, whose claims were previously time-barred due to statute of limitations laws, the ability to file those claims against those responsible. Revival window terms vary by state and can differ with regards to:

  • Length of Time – Some revival windows are permanent while others are open for a finite period of time.
  • Age Limits – The most victim friendly revival windows have no age limits, however, in some states, revival windows come with age caps, meaning any person over a defined age is not eligible to file a claim under the new window law.
  • Who Can Be Sued – The best revival windows do not limit who can be sued for damages. However, in some states, revival windows only allow for the actual perpetrator to be sued, leaving survivors unable to hold the institutions responsible for covering up the sexual abuse accountable.

To learn more about state specific revival law information and statute of limitations laws in your state click on your state in our interactive map below.

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If you were abused as a child by a priest or other clergy member, your time to file a claim is court is likely limited. If you are ready to file a claim or have questions about filing a claim, please contact our sexual abuse attorneys as soon as possible.

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