New Drug Delivery Method May Help Mesothelioma Patients

Posted on: January 14, 2016 Mesothelioma

mesothelioma treatmentDoctors at Boston University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital say they may have found a more effective treatment method for mesothelioma patients. The new method would deliver the chemotherapy drugs directly into mesothelioma tumors. In the past, doctors have warned mesothelioma patients that the effectiveness of chemotherapy to treat their mesothelioma was limited at best. That was because very little of the injected chemotherapy drug made it into the actual mesothelioma tumor to destroy mesothelioma cells. However, doctors say they have had a much better result delivering the drugs into mesothelioma tumors with a two-step approach. This new two-step approach was successful on mesothelioma cells in the lab and in live mice. The doctors are hopeful that getting more of the chemotherapy into the mesothelioma tumors will improve the results in mesothelioma patients and extend survival. The entire article can be found here.

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