Minnesota Catholic Diocese to Pay $34m to Victims of Clergy Abuse

Posted on: July 17, 2019 Catholic Church Sexual Abuse

Minnesota Diocese pays $34m to Victims of Clergy AbuseThe Diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota has agreed on a settlement to pay $34 million to at least 93 victims of sexual abuse. In conjunction with the monetary compensation for the sexually abused victims, the settlement was designed to advance the ‘children protection movement’ and to prevent sexual predators, specifically of the Catholic Church, from victimizing another generation.

Bishop LeVoir of the residing diocese agrees with the settlement. He had this to say, “Victims and survivors are owed just compensation for the harm they have suffered by those they entrusted in serving them. Their coming forward to share their stories and seek justice from the church that failed them took great courage. I am deeply grateful for victims and survivors who courageously came forward to raise awareness about clergy sexual abuse and to work to assure others will not have to suffer the wounds they sustained and the pain they endured.”

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