The Biggest Deterrent to Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Posted on: July 25, 2019 Sexual Abuse & Assault Lawsuits

Catholic Church Sexual Abuse 2Recent studies have shown that only about 34% of child-sexual-abuse victims in the United States tell authorities of their abuse before adulthood. Another 33% do tell authorities of their abuse, but far later in life with the median age being 52. And unfortunately, the final 33% never reveal their abuse. One of the contributing factors to these statistics is a law that has been a staple of the US legal system – the statute of limitations. Basically, the statute of limitations is the maximum time allowed for a victim to file a claim in a legal system.

Speaking publicly at the Aspen Ideas Festival recently, lawyer Kathryn Robb, who is the executive director of CHILD USAdvocacy, explained that lawmakers are lacking the understanding of what sexual abuse justice looks like for victims, “There’s a lot of ignorance about the nature of trauma, why victims don’t disclose, and the idiocy of statutes of limitations, their arbitrary unfairness. That’s a bit of a frustration, just trying to educate legislative leaders and governors across the [country].”

The good news is that this year 38 states are reconsidering (with some states already passing new laws like Rhode Island) their statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases with the goal of giving victims more time to come forward and legally file a claim.

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