IKEA Dresser and Chest Recall

Posted on: June 30, 2016 IKEA Recall

As the father of a young child, I was devastated to hear about the tragic accidents which lead to the IKEA chest and dresser recall. A family’s home should always be a safe place and it is a shame that some companies continue to put their profits ahead of the safety of their customers. I commend the families and lawyers who took action against IKEA after the tragedy suffered by their families. Without these lawsuits being filed, these dangerous products may have continued to remain on the market, causing harm to more children.

If you do have one of the recalled models in your home please make sure your children do not have access and if you have not already, please make sure it is securely anchored to a wall. Here is a link to the full list of recalled IKEA dressers and chests.

If no injuries have occurred, contact IKEA directly for further steps related to the recall or for help anchoring the dressers to the wall. If you or your child has been injured as a result of these dressers, I suggest you contact a qualified law firm immediately as your time to file a claim may be limited. Want more information about the IKEA dresser and chest recall? Visit our IKEA dresser and chest recall page to learn more.